Checklist for Babysitter

If you always leave your baby with a nanny or a babysitter a checklist may be the last thing on your mind. If only you knew how easy this trick would make your work to be and also save you from running a whole day, it would be the first thing you start with every day. Contact Information Name: Put your name down (the name should be in full). The phone number: Leave a phone number on how you can be reached in case of an emergency. Location: Leave behind the name of the location/ place you will be at. [...]

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Checklist for Baby Proof

You don’t want to expose your little angels to any harm around the house. In order to make sure your baby is safe around the house even when they crawl around, you don’t have to fix all the electric sockets. Rather, use this baby proof checklist. Throughout The Home Electrical outlets: Make sure all the electrical outlets are covered Store all electrical wires: Cables, wires, and extensions. Lock all windows: Use shutters on low windows to prevent falls. Install baby gates: Easily restricts your baby’s movements. Remove curtains: For proper lighting. You can also replace long curtains with short curtains [...]

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Checklist For Gardening with Children

Kids are naturally very good gardeners. They love to keep their hands dirty and are never turned off by critters. They are also super curious about everything around them. And they will experiment on almost everything. So if you want to train your kid on gardening, this will be a perfect time. Take a look at this gardening checklist and let your embrace the outdoor gardening much more today. Special Tools For Gardening With Kids. Gardening gloves: To protect their little hands Small garden trowel: To dig planting holes. Hand-cultivator: To remove the weed. 1-gallon watering can: To keep their [...]

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Checklist For Baby Proofing

It is important that we keep our newborns safe. Baby proofing is one of the best techniques for doing that. Use this checklist to get started on baby proofing. Nursery Slats: Check for any slats on baby's crib Secure Slats: Make sure that all slats are secure. Mattress: Check the baby mattress for discomfort. Spacious: Remove stuffed animals and leave enough room in the crib. Distance: Get safe distance between crib, windows, electrical outlets, lamps, etc. Baby's Pacifier: Keep the pacifier in good working condition. Strong Crib: Make sure the baby's crib is extremely sturdy Have a firm and flat [...]

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Checklist For Baby Nursery

Do you have a baby coming? Get prepared to receive that lovely soul with this simple baby nursery checklist. Bedding Type: choose a good idea for the baby beddings (a crib or bassinet should do). Blankets: Choose depending on your type of local weather. Sheets: Get at least 2 sets of sheets for your baby Soothing Instrument: buy a musical mobile with soothing baby tunes. Toys: Strap-able baby toys and mirrors inside of the crib. Furniture Changing table: An open-front changing table (one with storage baskets). Dresser: For a quick diaper change and preparation for the day. Rockers: A glider [...]

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