Checklist Garage Sale

Want to have the most successful garage sale? Let this checklist be of help to you. Planning Do a thorough spring cleaning. Sort for unwanted items. Price all your items. Pick the best date and time for your sale. Set up an alternate date (in the event of rain). Research all the community rules. Arrange post-sale charity pick up. Preparing Prepare your ad Give the address and hours of the sale. Place your ad on local newspapers. Use free garage sale “advertising” sites. Put up flyers on local community boards. Inform your family, friends, and neighbors. Make sure items are [...]

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Checklist for Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance keeps shrubs, dirt, and potential health hazards away. Use this checklist to get the best yard maintenance. Spring Yard Maintenance Rake shrub beds and yards. Bag up the debris. Apply mulch a couple of inches will help retain water Seed bare or sparse lawn spots. Don't prune trees or shrubs that flower.  Fall Yard Maintenance Repaint wooden posts or braces Treat wooden posts to prevent rotting Apply pesticides to keep termites away Fix the nails that are drawing out. Check out any loose or hanging vines. Check walls for loose stones or mortar. Repair benches and lawn chairs. [...]

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Checklist for Yard Sale

The best way to clear all the clutter at home is to cash in on them. A yard sale is probably what you need. Here is a checklist to help you get down with it. 2-3 Weeks Before The Yard Sale Check community rules Get required licenses if any Confirm the dates (when and where) the sale will take place. Post yard sale signs. Collect items that you no longer need. Choose the perfect date to have your sale. Encourage all your neighbors to come and participate. Create a newspaper ad. Call newspaper and put up the ad.  1 Week [...]

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Checklist for Work from Home

Working from home is the new trend. If you are thinking of going the same way, here is a checklist to get you started. Think Before You Work Can you handle working from home? Will you work from home part-time, full-time, or occasionally? What are your budgeting concerns? What are the pros and cons of working at home? Will you be saving money or spending more? Are you a freelancer?  Home Office Essentials A quiet room Enough space can be separate or partitioned A place you can work undisturbed. Laptop or desktop computer – laptop is portable A desk and [...]

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Checklist for Rental Walk through

Before you choose to rent any home, it is important that you inspect the home. Use this simple checklist to help you have the best inspection. Walk-Through Check each room Focus on flooring material/ condition. Make notes of rips, stains, peels, or excessive wear. Check for problems with edges, grout, or tearing of floor material. Check for marks, cracks, chips, or holes in walls or ceiling Look closely for nail holes. Check for stains in the paint Look for an indication of water damages. Check for scratches on the cabinets Check for scratches on door jambs, closets, trim, and doors [...]

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Checklist for Maid Service

A good maid will provide you with the help that you need around your home. That’s why you need to be very careful when choosing your maid. Use this checklist to get the right person. Choosing A Maid Service Decide the type you need: Do you want to hire an individual or service? Outline the Duties: Have a clearly outlined job description ready for them. Payment: Decide what your budget is going to be and get someone along the same. Scout: Check the local yellow pages and the internet; or even local bulletin boards for the best candidates. Ask Friends: [...]

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Checklist for Landlord

Are you in the property market already or are you planning to just get in? In case you are a landlord this checklist will help you to perform much more efficiently. Take a look. Letting Out A Property Register: Get registered as a landlord. Inform lenders: A mortgage lender should top your list. Know Rules: Check any tax implications that may arise. Install enough smoke detectors. Bring qualified electrician to inspect portable appliance testing. Arrange for a periodic electrical inspection report. Arrange for a Gas Safety check and certification. Inspect for the property for Repairing Standard purposes. Compile the entire [...]

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Checklist for House guest Prep

In case you are expecting a guest at home; what’s the best way to make them feel comfortable? This checklist will take you through the best preparations for a houseguest. Before Guests Arrive Prepare a spare key. Get an easy to set up mattress (inflatable air mattress) If you have a spare bedroom, clean the sheets and prep the bed. Gather any extra pillows, linens, sheets, and blankets. Give them a room in the closet. Bring in fresh towels and toiletries. Bring in a few magazines and paperbacks for their spare time. Write down all the emergency contacts in case [...]

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Checklist for Home Staging

You can always buy an old property and remodel before selling. You can also renovate your home before you cash in on it. Home staging is an awesome way to show the value of your home. Use this checklist to get it right. Outside Landscape: Invest in landscaping – concentrate on highly visible areas. Clear the Place: Remove dead plants and weed in all planting areas. Trim Plants: Cut down over-grown shrubs and allow more light in. Painting: Change and apply a new coat of paint. Shovel Ice: Keep sidewalks free of snow or ice in winter. Sweep Up: Vacuum [...]

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Checklist For Home Inspection

Keeping your home in great shape is very important. It makes the home’s system to run efficiently and also saves your loved ones from potential hazards. This checklist will help you to effectively inspect your home so that you ensure it remains in great shape. Outside Inspection Septic system: Check the septic system for blockages. Roof: Make sure there are no leakages or worn out roofing. Windows: Check for broken window panes and damaged shutters. Driveway: How accessible is the driveway? Do you have potholes? Fencing: Make sure the fence has no weak point, is not rusted, or charred. Gutters: [...]

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Checklist For Rent To Own

Do you plan on getting into rental property market? Make your easy by using our comprehensive checklist. Getting Started Time: To learn the market Money: What you intend to spend Organization: Scout for homeowners associations The will to succeed: have the determination. Create a Plan: Fill out an action plan chart Legal help: Choose the best real estate lawyers Hire Professionals: Get home inspectors Insurance: Get a reputable insurance broker or agent Finance manager: Get reputable accountant or bookkeeper Build Your Network By Meeting Scout for realtors and see what they have See the terms of mortgage brokers Boost your [...]

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Checklist For Outdoor Furniture

Want to give your patio a befitting facelift? Get cool outdoor furniture for it. Use this checklist to get the best design. Selecting Your Outdoor Furniture Budget: Figure out what you want to spend. Location: Know the landscape of your yard (size). Design: Do you want stackable or foldaway furniture? Style: Determine your luxury level Use: Determine how the patio furniture will be used. Material: What type of material? It determines maintenance requirements. Hue: Decide on a color theme. Traffic: How many people will sit at the table? Toppings: Do you want cushions on the chairs? Buying Your Outdoor Furniture [...]

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Checklist For Painting A Room

Painting a room is not only fun but it also gives your home the best facelift. If you’re planning on it, use this checklist to make it quick! Painting Supplies Basin/bucket of water Cellulose Sponge Mild Dishwashing Liquid Sponge roller (retractable/attachable handle for ceilings) Wall Paintbrush Sash/ Trim Paintbrush Cans of Paints (choose in the colors of your choice) Roller Trays Blue Painter's Tape Plastic sheeting to cover the floors Tarps or old bed sheets (covering any furniture) Appropriate Paint Thinner (when using non-latex paint) Primer Disposable gloves Clothes/ dustcoat/ overalls you can paint in Surgical Mask (optional) Ladder Prepare [...]

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Checklist For Natural Pool

Want to make a natural pool for your next family get together? Here is a simple checklist that works fast! Natural Swimming Pool Hollow a hole in the ground. Make sure sides slope. Reserve 50 percent of pool's surface area for shallow plants. Separate the swimming area and the filtration area. Inside the plant zone, let the water get steadily deeper (allow it to reach a maximum depth of 18 inches near swimming zones). Aerate the water (water organisms' oxygen to be available). Channel water from pump into plant zone (use of PVC tubes). Bury tubing in the soil (about [...]

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Checklist For Natural Cleaning

If you love an eco-friendly method of cleaning, this checklist is exactly what you need. Use it and keep your home safe for your loved ones now. Baking Soda Use to scrub kitchen and bathroom surfaces (counters, sinks, and faucets) Create a bathing soda paste. Mix with a little water. Good for cleaning grime. Use it as a deodorizer too Club Soda Use it to shine stainless-steel appliances Moisten a rag with soda and buff Follow by wiping it with dry with clean cloth.  Cornstarch Use to clean up carpet grease stains in a cinch Glycerin Remove with dried candle [...]

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