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Checklist for Stretch at Work

Don’t stay behind that squeezed up office desk all day long. It’s healthy to stretch out. Here is a smart checklist to help you with a simple and effective stretching routine at work. Hands And Arms Make a firm fist with every hand Keep your thumbs stretched out straight. Pull all your fingers up to your palm until they touch your fingers base. Place one hand around the fingers on the other hand. Slowly bend wrist downward till you feel it stretching and hold for 3-5 seconds. Repeat the same for the other hand Neck Pull your shoulders up Make [...]

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Checklist For Triathlon

If you intend to participate in the next triathlon event it is time you got ready with the right set up. Let our checklist give you the boost you so much need. Swim Wetsuit: for cooler temperatures. Permitted Gears: wetsuit might be prohibited check with organizers first. Best Wetsuit: Choose wetsuit that designed for enhanced buoyancy. Ease of use: Choose wetsuit that boosts flexibility for swim strokes. Have goggles: for comfort and visibility. Have an anti-fog device: to ensure clear visibility. Practice: Take lessons a couple of times (the ocean is the best) Saltwater and waves from the ocean develop [...]

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Checklist For Short Workout

It’s time to keep your body fit the easy way. Get the easy solution. Use this simple checklist to get the best fit. Get A Physical Visit your doctor's office Get a medical check-up. Find out any fitness activities to avoid. Get a yardstick for measuring progress. Getting Started Plan: Create a workout plan. Schedule: Get instructions on proper workout techniques. Trainer: Get a personal trainer for introductory sessions. Equipment: Learn proper handling of exercise equipment. Tracker: Get heart rate monitor/ stay within your targets. Workout Warm up first. Practice proper breathing techniques. Begin with low to moderate activity. Gradually [...]

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