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Checklist Rehearsal Dinner

Here is a great checklist that will help you to have the best rehearsal dinner. It is simple to follow and will leave you with the best experience. Pre-Planning Keep it as close as possible to the main wedding: Have the rehearsal first and the dinner later Estimate the number of guests that will come: Call the wedding venue and the planner to schedule rehearsal: Research a Venue for the Dinner Look for restaurants close to the wedding venue Compare at least 3 venues before making a choice Go to the restaurant beforehand and taste the food Plan for Drinks, [...]

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Checklist For Groceries

Whether you want to prepare a vegetable salad, smoothie, blended juice, or simply the best serving for your vitamins it is important that you get every grocery that you may need. Here is a complete grocery checklist to help. Vegetables and Fruits Potatoes Mushrooms Onions Cucumbers Lettuce Tomatoes Carrots Celery Zucchini Broccoli Cauliflower Spinach Bell Peppers Tofu Strawberries Bananas Apples Oranges Grapes Grapefruit Melon Nectarines Peaches Pears Plums Lemon/Lime Blueberries Raspberries Avocados Kiwi Fresh Herbs Deli Slices of bread Dairy Condiments Canned Goods Canned Veggies Canned/Cup Fruit Pasta Ethnic Foods Cereals Baking Needs Snack Foods Meat Seafood Frozen Foods Beverages [...]

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Checklist For Tea Party

Bring your pals over and have the best tea party. Get our comprehensive checklist and make sure you have a blast! Tea Party Planning Guests: Make a list of invited people. Time: Decide on a date and time. Venue: Organize your venue. Invitations: Write and send out the invitations. Customize Invites: Specify the time, dress and type of the tea party. Create Menu: Include traditional and unique or seasonal teas. Theme: Choose your best decor and theme carefully. Floor Plan: Prepare your tea set and also place settings. Cups: Bring enough teacups, silverware, and table napkins. Etiquette: Brush up the [...]

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