Checklist for Audio books for Entrepreneurs

What would be better for any entrepreneur than getting their favorite books whenever they need them?  Even better are audio books that they just have to listen to. In this checklist, I decided to round up some of the best business audio books titles for you. These business books are great for startups, growth, and career advancements among other things. That’s why I compiled this list of audio business books specifically for you. They include all the bestselling business authors that you will have today and who already get lots of press. Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger Change by [...]

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Checklist for A Pre-Startup for Indian Entrepreneurs

The rate at which new businesses are built in India stands at 3,000 to 4,000 per year this is according to a report given in 2014 by NASSCOM. This means that as an Indian entrepreneur you could easily make a kill. This checklist helps you to minimize failure by having a great startup. Read widely: Reading is a tool that gives you the type of data you need including your type of audience, market demand, and marketing styles that work. Expertise counts: If you invest in experts, it is estimated that you will have solved your problems by half as [...]

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Checklist For Office Party

Planning on having an office party? You’d love to have an event to remember. Use this checklist to help. Planning An Office Party Be the Organizer: Choose to run seen as you had envisioned. Create the Lead: Pull in employees to create a committee. Suggestion Box: Create a short questionnaire and let employees solicit ideas. Budget: Decide on how much you’re going to spend. Guests: Decide if it’s an employee only/ employee and guest/ employee family event. Food: Determine menu Venue: Determine location, entertainment, and decorations. Time: Set the date, time, and place for your party. Activities: Schedule some entertainment [...]

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