Checklist for Technical Hire Vetting

How do you hire the best technician for a practical job? Our checklist just solves the problem for you. Read on! Practical: Let them duplicate a done task Assignment: Walkthrough their previous project Questions: Get more information/ ask open-ended questions Probation: Let them complete a six/ three months consultant job Projects: Give and examine their use cases Drive: Find out why where their passion for the business originates. Unity: Encourage Pair Programming Examine their professional know-how: Audit their previous work Use Professional Terminology: Discuss technical points Grade Interview: Split it into qualifications and culture Presentation: Have them present to a [...]

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Checklist For Work

Make finding a job that suits you a simple process. Use this simple checklist to keep every little thing under check. Evaluate Your Skills Prepare a resume or CV: A summary of your skills and qualifications. List volunteer work: Put down a series of unpaid work. Explain Your Skills: Give a straight-up description of your abilities. Describe your skills: Include those not directly related to past Define your strength: In relation to your capacity show the strength. Evaluate weaknesses: Explain barriers and determine ways to combat them. Plan Ahead Payment: Determine salary, wages, or income you’ll hold out for Target: [...]

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Checklist For Staff-Induction

Make your new staff comfortable at work. Give them a great induction to their new role. Here is a simple checklist to save your day. Workstation Work Desk: Organise computer, chair, door, phone, desk, name tag. Check that workstation is ergonomic. Communication Demonstrate use of telephone, voicemail. Notify switchboard of employee's details. Establish an e-mail address. Introduce them to local IT support staff. Advise on external/internal mailing process, stationery supplies. Environment Show location of emergency exits Give them a tour of assembly point Provide them with emergency information and procedures. Show the location of light switches, toilets, coat lockers, food [...]

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Checklist For Office Party

Planning on having an office party? You’d love to have an event to remember. Use this checklist to help. Planning An Office Party Be the Organizer: Choose to run seen as you had envisioned. Create the Lead: Pull in employees to create a committee. Suggestion Box: Create a short questionnaire and let employees solicit ideas. Budget: Decide on how much you’re going to spend. Guests: Decide if it’s an employee only/ employee and guest/ employee family event. Food: Determine menu Venue: Determine location, entertainment, and decorations. Time: Set the date, time, and place for your party. Activities: Schedule some entertainment [...]

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