Checklist for Loan

Loan applications can be tricky. Without enough money to hire an attorney, you may end up losing everything. Here is the best checklist to work with for smooth loaning term. The Loan Arranger Who is arranging this loan? Is it a mortgage broker? Does a plan exist to sell this loan to any person? Will all the payments be made to the business you represent? Do you have any court proceedings pending against you? Are there any administrative issues pending on the company you represent?  Payments Does a charge fee exist for arranging your loan? Does a 'loan origination' fee [...]

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Checklist For Saving Plan

Don’t be caught off guard with that emergency. Develop the best saving plan and have awesome money making the plan in place for tough times. Let this checklist help you to get started. Your Saving Plan Track spending: create categories for expenses and sum up the total for every section. Have a budget: create a yearly budget. Irregular expenses have a section for these expenses such as dental appointments. Know what you can keep: decide how much you can save. Have goals: short-term goals (within 1-3 years)/ long-term goals. Timeline: figure out how long you may take to reach every [...]

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Checklist For Bankruptcy

If you are in debt and thinking of filing for bankruptcy, it is time you followed the most reliable bankruptcy checklist so you don’t leave anything out. Matters of legal obligation require you to be extra vigilant with every move you make. Here is a smart checklist to help.   Filing Bankruptcy Determine if you really need to file bankruptcy. Calculate and know your income. Calculate all your expenses. Use a means test to qualify yourself. Select a good bankruptcy attorney. Select the best debt counseling programs Don't get yourself into this situation again.    Bankruptcy Alternatives Determine if you [...]

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