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Checklist for Accident

What you do after a car accident can help to save lives, to reduce injuries, and also help to ensure a quick settlement of the car insurance claims. Here is an easy to follow guide that will ensure that you do the right thing at such a demanding time. The Accident Contact the police: Call 999 or any emergency extension line. Collect the Details: Get the names, license plate number, tag number, the insurance company name, and the policy number. Exchange information: Exchange the information with all the drivers at the place of the incident. Take photographs: If you are [...]

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Checklist for A Realistic End of The School Year

I have asked myself this question a number of times before; why aren’t there more end of school year checklists? And then I remembered why. We have never put more effort into it. That’s why I decided to start out on this next checklist. Teacher’s Gift: Handcraft an end of the year gift for your teacher. There are many places to get your inspiration from including Pinterest. Have a Party: Prepare a small party for your friends and family. Keep it simple. Try out cupcakes with icing. You can also pipe it up with Wilton frosting tips in your school’s [...]

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Checklist for A Pre-Startup for Indian Entrepreneurs

The rate at which new businesses are built in India stands at 3,000 to 4,000 per year this is according to a report given in 2014 by NASSCOM. This means that as an Indian entrepreneur you could easily make a kill. This checklist helps you to minimize failure by having a great startup. Read widely: Reading is a tool that gives you the type of data you need including your type of audience, market demand, and marketing styles that work. Expertise counts: If you invest in experts, it is estimated that you will have solved your problems by half as [...]

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Checklist for A Happy Christian

Happiness in the Christian faith and life helps in answering the common misconceptions. As a result, it is important to keep a check on how you keep your happiness levels high as a Christian. Here are some of the best rules to play by. Don't let little things disturb you. Face each day knowing "Jesus does all things well". Give all your cares to Jesus. - He heals - He guards - He guides - He saves completely! Stop worrying! Be good and then let the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit give the results in your life. Remember - what [...]

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Checklist for A Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Bike Maintenance

The following checklist has all the necessary bike maintenance items and also the recommended maintenance frequency that is designed to give a recreational cyclist or commuter an outlined care and maintenance schedule for their bikes. Before every ride: Check tire air pressure: Make sure the pressure is at the recommended levels. Check brakes and cables: Ensure there are no faulty cables. The braking system should be checked if working properly. Be sure your crankset is tight: A crankset means great speeds, more efficiency, and a comfortable ride. Be sure quick release hubs are tight: This is important if you want [...]

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Checklist For 25 Extinct Animals That Scientists Want to Bring Back

In the last 100 years, there have been a high number of extinct animals in the world. Scientists are considering how to possibly bring back some of these animals through a process called “de-extinction.” Here is a checklist of the animals that they have focused on. Carolina Parakeet Cuban Macaw Aurochs Dodo Dusky Seaside Sparrow Labrador Duck Heath Hen Ivory-billed Woodpecker Imperial Woodpecker Great Auk Woolly Mammoth Mastodon Moa Elephant Bird Passenger Pigeon Pyrenean Ibex Quagga Smilodon Baiji Thylacine Steller’s Sea Cow Caribbean Monk Seal Huia Moho Gastric-brooding Frog In choosing the extinct animals to actually bring back, today’s scientists [...]

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Checklist For 10 Ways to Appear Confident

Whether you are feeling confident or not, nobody should know. Nonetheless being confident can lead you onto so many cool things. Here is a checklist that gives you the best tricks to get your confidence up. STAND UP STRAIGHT – Always walk with an upright posture. A straight back, shoulders straight and laid back, and your head held high will display status, power, and control. CHIN AND HEAD UP – Irrespective of where you are standing, always keep your head up and eyes looking straight up ahead. DO NOT POCKET – Leaving visible hands indicates that you feel very confident [...]

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Checklist For 10 Things To Pack For Your Long Distance Train Journey

Long distance trains trip is one of the best ways to see the world, and whether you are taking an epic train that goes for thousands of miles, or takes inter-linking routes, you could sometimes face a slight discomfort in case you didn’t bring along the right equipment. Use this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. Sleeping Bag - This is particularly useful if you are working with a budget and can't afford the coziest sleeping compartments on the train. Books Or An E-Reader - The biggest challenge for long train riders is how to avoid boredom in [...]

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Checklist for Investigation

Organizations are today under increasing scrutiny in an effort to ensure that its operations, personnel, and agents comply with both external and internal policies. Whether private or publicly owned, companies are being investigated by federal, state, local and foreign authorities. Here is a checklist that will save your day and keep you on the good books. Incident Fact Finding Check who was involved in the incident. Determine who saw the incident. Determine who was working with the involved person. Analyze who instructed and/or assigned the job to the person. Determine who else was involved. Research who has information on events [...]

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Checklist Rehearsal Dinner

Here is a great checklist that will help you to have the best rehearsal dinner. It is simple to follow and will leave you with the best experience. Pre-Planning Keep it as close as possible to the main wedding: Have the rehearsal first and the dinner later Estimate the number of guests that will come: Call the wedding venue and the planner to schedule rehearsal: Research a Venue for the Dinner Look for restaurants close to the wedding venue Compare at least 3 venues before making a choice Go to the restaurant beforehand and taste the food Plan for Drinks, [...]

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Checklist Garage Sale

Want to have the most successful garage sale? Let this checklist be of help to you. Planning Do a thorough spring cleaning. Sort for unwanted items. Price all your items. Pick the best date and time for your sale. Set up an alternate date (in the event of rain). Research all the community rules. Arrange post-sale charity pick up. Preparing Prepare your ad Give the address and hours of the sale. Place your ad on local newspapers. Use free garage sale “advertising” sites. Put up flyers on local community boards. Inform your family, friends, and neighbors. Make sure items are [...]

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Checklist for Zoo Trip

If you are taking your loved ones to the zoo, this checklist will make sure you have the best zoo experience. Planning the Zoo Trip Research: Visit the zoo's website Know Timelines: Determine the zoo’s operating timeline Plan your trip: Choose the time when the zoo is less crowded. Purchase tickets online: Saves time Find feeding schedule: Helps to see the animals in action. Find Shows: Determine if there are animal shows or zookeeper talks. Get the Map: Check the zoo's website and print out the map. Make a List: Figure out what to see and do. Number Areas: Follow [...]

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Checklist for Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance keeps shrubs, dirt, and potential health hazards away. Use this checklist to get the best yard maintenance. Spring Yard Maintenance Rake shrub beds and yards. Bag up the debris. Apply mulch a couple of inches will help retain water Seed bare or sparse lawn spots. Don't prune trees or shrubs that flower.  Fall Yard Maintenance Repaint wooden posts or braces Treat wooden posts to prevent rotting Apply pesticides to keep termites away Fix the nails that are drawing out. Check out any loose or hanging vines. Check walls for loose stones or mortar. Repair benches and lawn chairs. [...]

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Checklist for Yard Sale

The best way to clear all the clutter at home is to cash in on them. A yard sale is probably what you need. Here is a checklist to help you get down with it. 2-3 Weeks Before The Yard Sale Check community rules Get required licenses if any Confirm the dates (when and where) the sale will take place. Post yard sale signs. Collect items that you no longer need. Choose the perfect date to have your sale. Encourage all your neighbors to come and participate. Create a newspaper ad. Call newspaper and put up the ad.  1 Week [...]

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Checklist for Work from Home

Working from home is the new trend. If you are thinking of going the same way, here is a checklist to get you started. Think Before You Work Can you handle working from home? Will you work from home part-time, full-time, or occasionally? What are your budgeting concerns? What are the pros and cons of working at home? Will you be saving money or spending more? Are you a freelancer?  Home Office Essentials A quiet room Enough space can be separate or partitioned A place you can work undisturbed. Laptop or desktop computer – laptop is portable A desk and [...]

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