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Checklist For Car Servicing

Car servicing is important. It is done to maximize the car’s performance and possibly to prolong the car’s lifespan. To get every vehicle system and component on the high a service is often necessary. Today, we take a look at the tires and wheels routine/scheduled maintenance. Physical Condition Of The Tyres When servicing your tires, mechanics will always remove and inspect the tires for physical wear and tear. Tyre Pressure The tire pressure must also be checked. This will be done to all your tires, including the spare tires, and need to be correctly inflated at all times Wheel Alignment [...]

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Checklist For Car Accident

Driving is pretty cool, but it can also be quite risky sometimes. The truth is you can never tell when a traffic accident could occur. Indeed, insurance companies keep it at a ratio of at least one accident every 18 years. Just to remain prepared for anything, here is a checklist that could help. Accessible Items That Should Be In Your Car Carry the drivers' license with you whenever you operate a vehicle. Have your vehicle registration’s details in the car at all times. Insurance documentation, including the carrier, policy number, and the insurance company phone number should be available [...]

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Checklist For Car AC Maintenance

If you were going somewhere with your family and car’s AC suddenly stops then everyone gets to feel the heat. It could be worse in the summer time. That’s why it is important that before you hit the road you should always check your car’s AC so that if it doesn’t work properly, you can always repair it. Here are the tips for the best AC checkup. DIY Check! Check the AC gas. If there is a leakage you’ll need to fix it, and if the levels are down then it should be refilled before the trip. Check the coolant. [...]

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Checklist For Business Startup

After you have created a business plan, evaluated your business idea, and determined startup costs you should also do research on the market. These tips that we have listed help you to bring your startup to speed. What You Need To Do Now Determine viability: Do research, read, find a market niche, and determine the potential of your business idea. Create a business plan: A plan is structured. It helps you to stay focused, guides your steps and helps you to track your progress. Figure out the money: Know how much you need to roll out the business, break even, [...]

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Checklist For Business Starter

Starting a business of your own may sound like an awesome undertaking, well, it is and with our checklist, it could be much more than just that.  You’re going to have a simple formula for working hard and committing to your core values in order to maximize your achievements. Here are our laid down tips to help. Starting Basics Choose a name for your company: The name should be in line with your type of business activities. Research the industry: Have the facts and tips about the market you plan to enter in order to get the best experiences. Write [...]

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Checklist For Bike Safety

Biking is a great way to move around, commute to work, have fun, and keep fit. However, your safety while riding your favorite bike is of utmost importance. We give you the best bike safety checklist to help. Preparation If your bike is new, take it on a few short trips around the neighborhood before venturing into traffic or going on an extended ride If your bike is of a certain age, check the tires for bald spots. Clean your bike regularly after use. Before setting off, put your helmet on and tighten the safety straps. If you are planning [...]

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Checklist For Business Security

Keeping your business safe should be at the top of your priority list always. This is because even your small business will always have the same responsibilities as larger firms. Make sure you use these tricks to maintain the security of your business. Physical Security Doors: All door locks must be operational and doors should be locked when not in use. Windows: All windows must have functional locks and should be kept locked when no one is in. Keyless entry: must be properly configured to prevent hacking and robbery Fire systems: Fire extinguishers and alarms should be operational and must [...]

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Checklist for Before Takeoff

Going traveling with a chopper is not everybody’s cup of coffee. In order to avoid and reduce the risk of nasty surprises, you have to get really prepared. Doing these top 20 things that I have listed here before you take off will make your life easier. Auxiliary fuel pump — Turn this off as it won’t be needed along with the flight. Instruments and radios — Checked and set to the required frequency so that you maintain a stable communication pattern. Landing gear position lights — Checked and confirmed to work properly and that they are highly visible. Altimeter [...]

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Checklist for Before Giving to A Charity

If you’re considering a donation to a charity, it is important that you do some research before you give. Here are some tips to help you in making sure that your charitable contributions are actually put to good use. Signs Of A Charity Scam Refuses to provide detailed information (identity, mission, costs, and even how the donation will be used). Won't provide any proof that the contribution is tax deductible. Uses names that closely resemble that of other well-known, reputable organizations. Thank you for pledges that you don’t remember ever making before too. Uses high-pressure tactics such as trying to [...]

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Checklist for Babysitter

If you always leave your baby with a nanny or a babysitter a checklist may be the last thing on your mind. If only you knew how easy this trick would make your work to be and also save you from running a whole day, it would be the first thing you start with every day. Contact Information Name: Put your name down (the name should be in full). The phone number: Leave a phone number on how you can be reached in case of an emergency. Location: Leave behind the name of the location/ place you will be at. [...]

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Checklist for Baby Proof

You don’t want to expose your little angels to any harm around the house. In order to make sure your baby is safe around the house even when they crawl around, you don’t have to fix all the electric sockets. Rather, use this baby proof checklist. Throughout The Home Electrical outlets: Make sure all the electrical outlets are covered Store all electrical wires: Cables, wires, and extensions. Lock all windows: Use shutters on low windows to prevent falls. Install baby gates: Easily restricts your baby’s movements. Remove curtains: For proper lighting. You can also replace long curtains with short curtains [...]

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Checklist for Audio books for Entrepreneurs

What would be better for any entrepreneur than getting their favorite books whenever they need them?  Even better are audio books that they just have to listen to. In this checklist, I decided to round up some of the best business audio books titles for you. These business books are great for startups, growth, and career advancements among other things. That’s why I compiled this list of audio business books specifically for you. They include all the bestselling business authors that you will have today and who already get lots of press. Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger Change by [...]

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Checklist for Applying Wall Stickers

Do you want a temporary or say a quick fix for your empty wall space? There is a better way to do it. The use of wall decals will give you the start that you need. Here is what you need to get the best wall sticker application experience of your own. Supplies Wall stickers Sponge Pencil Wall scraper Squeegee Level Preparing The Area Wash the wall: Use mild soapy water and sponge and wash off the wall before drying it with a squeegee. Dry the wall: Use a squeegee to dry the wall or if not, simply use a [...]

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Checklist for All Religions and Belief Systems

Listing all religions is practically impossible. This is because there are an infinite variety of religious beliefs and also transcendental ideas. Nonetheless, in this checklist, we have tried to capture quite a number. Agnosticism Amish Ancestor worship Animism Asatrú Atheism Aum Shinrikyo Bahá'í Faith Brahma Kumari Branch Davidians Buddhism Celtic Paganism Chen Tao Chinese Religion Christadelphians Christian Apostolic Church In Zion Christianity Concerned Christians Confucianism Dami Xuanjiao Deism Divine Light mission Druidism Druze Dualism Ebionites Eckankar Gnosticism Hare Krishna Heathenism Heaven's Gate Hinduism Hookers For Jesus / The Family Of God Humanism Islam Jainism Jedi Knights Jehovah's Witnesses Judaism Mennonite [...]

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Checklist for Accident

What you do after a car accident can help to save lives, to reduce injuries, and also help to ensure a quick settlement of the car insurance claims. Here is an easy to follow guide that will ensure that you do the right thing at such a demanding time. The Accident Contact the police: Call 999 or any emergency extension line. Collect the Details: Get the names, license plate number, tag number, the insurance company name, and the policy number. Exchange information: Exchange the information with all the drivers at the place of the incident. Take photographs: If you are [...]

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