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Checklist for Roommate

Here is a simple checklist to help you choose the best roommate to share your apartment with. Choosing A Roommate Decide what person you would like Go with gender, hobbies, or character e.g male or female, smoker or nonsmoker, younger, older, or the same age. Use the close network to find a reliable/ suitable person. Make sure your potential roommate is legit. Get a sense of a potential roommate's finances. Invite potential roommates for an interview. Expectations Communicate openly Be honest with each other. Decide how you handle rent Determine how to address utility payments. Agree on handling cleaning responsibilities. [...]

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Checklist for Road-Trip-Short

Planning on a short road trip? Let our simple and easy to understand checklist help you sail through and get the best experience. Trip Planning Choose the dates. Watch out for July and August - national parks are often crowded Know the distance of the trip Make a rough estimate of the budget Determine the number of stops planned Find out if there are any special events on your route Leave plenty of extra time for flexibility along trips. Your Car Check the brake fluids. Check the radiator fluids/ coolant Check the hoses and belts for damages. Check all the [...]

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Checklist for Rental Walk through

Before you choose to rent any home, it is important that you inspect the home. Use this simple checklist to help you have the best inspection. Walk-Through Check each room Focus on flooring material/ condition. Make notes of rips, stains, peels, or excessive wear. Check for problems with edges, grout, or tearing of floor material. Check for marks, cracks, chips, or holes in walls or ceiling Look closely for nail holes. Check for stains in the paint Look for an indication of water damages. Check for scratches on the cabinets Check for scratches on door jambs, closets, trim, and doors [...]

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Checklist for Relocation

If you are changing the town, finding a moving company to help you will be super cool. But more importantly, you should be prepared for the entire process. Here is the right checklist to use. Prior To Relocation Find the best moving company Sell, trade in, or store your car. Arrange for your mail to be redirected Get new renting a mailbox. Compile personal records and paperwork Arrange documents into a secure travel file. Redirected current prescriptions and medicinal supplies. Pay all bills Cancel subscriptions Ensure any direct debits will be stopped Organize private health and home insurance Confirm temporary [...]

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Checklist for Realtor

Getting the right realtor is a good pointer to nailing the right type of property or cashing in on your property. Here is a checklist to help you in getting the most appropriate realtor for your type of property business. Selecting A Realtor Specialty: Identify realtors that specialize in your locations of interest Attend open houses: Helps to understand markets and meet realtors. List Down: Make a list of potential realtors. Contact the Best: Choose the best two or three agents on your list. Q&A: Prepare a list of questions to ask potential realtors. Interview a few different realtors – [...]

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Checklist for Property Inspection

Don’t spend your money on a wasted property. With these tips on our checklist, you can easily inspect a property alone and buy the best one. Property Exterior - Structural Safety Foundation: Watch for cracked, wet, or badly leaning structure. Ask a foundation repair specialist to help in checking it out. Roof: Make sure the roof has no signs of leaks. It should be flashing. Watch out for intact and no missing shingles. Ask a roof expert inspect it if for signs of water damage or leaks. Deck/porch: Inspect supporting beams for rot or insect damage. Flooring: Must be even. [...]

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Checklist for Prom

Prom parties are simply awesome. In any case, you are just stepping out of one age to the next and in style. Here is a checklist to work with. Planning a Party Determine the budget in advance. Determine the number of people to invite Determine the best date for the anniversary party. Decide on what to have (a large/small formal or informal) ceremony Choose the location of the ceremony restaurant/party at home. Shop around to find a good deal from different party planners. Ceremony at Home Decide if you want a caterer Decide if you will prepare meals alone. Book [...]

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Checklist for Project Management Software Evaluation

It’s time for the best paperless management approach. But do you know how to evaluate the management software that you are looking at? Use this checklist to help. Your Team Characteristics Size: Determine the number of people in your team. Location: How far are they located from one another? Tech savvy: Capture the number that is already tech savvy. Working style: What is their most productive working style? Existing tools: Determine any existing tools that you can integrate.  Your Customer Characteristics Location: Categorize your customers and determine their location. Tech savvy: Find out if they already have tech knowledge. Transparency: [...]

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Checklist for Product Launch

Are you planning on launching a new product on the market? Use this checklist to make sure that your plan is indeed very successful. Research Buyers’ Market: Determine the presence of a market for the product or software Potential partners/affiliates: Are there people you can work together with? Compete or COMPLETE: Are there businesses in the market or are you alone? Competing products: What products offer the same services? Price of competing products: What is your pricing compared to similar products? Keyword Discovery (Searches per Month): How often do people search for the product? Keyword Competition: How competitive is the [...]

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Checklist for Pre-Gym

The pre-gym workout is very important. In this checklist, we give you some of the best tips for a pre-gym workout. Pre-Workout Preparation Have a workout journal Write down and record your lifts. Eat small meal 45-60 minutes before warm-ups. Take pre-workout drink 30 minutes before warm-ups. Take pre-workout supplements. Gather all your gym clothes. Gather every workout equipment; wrist straps, heart rate monitor, lifting belt, and stopwatch. Prepare a workout drink. Listen to motivational tunes while headed to the gym. Workout Warm up for at least 5 minutes and at most10 minutes Review your workout schedule. Determine what you [...]

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Checklist for Pool

Keep your swimming pool safe. Use this checklist to give your swimming pool the perfect design. The Fence Keep at least 4 ft high. Make sure fence has no gap or space that’s larger than 100mm. Keep the fence with a netting, mesh, or trellis design Keep netting holes at most 10mm or less Maximum fence height should be up to 6 ft high. The Rails Keep rails on the poolside. Keep rails more than 900mm apart. Make sure rails are not climbable The Gates And Doors Ensure the doors open away from the swimming pool. Give them an automatic [...]

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Checklist for Pet Travel

If you are planning on taking your pet with you on your next vacation trip, here is the right pet travel checklist to use. Before You Travel Pet’s Health: Ensure pet is in good health before traveling Ask a Vet: Consult your veterinarian for advice. Vaccinations: Get the proper pet vaccinations. Health Certificate: Update your pet’s health certificate. Copy: Bring a copy of the original pet’s health record. Identification: Design collar tags/ micro-chip for ID. Contact embassy of destination - ask for pet’s travel requirements. Update Passport for Companion Animal Consider going through a pet carrier company Traveling By Car [...]

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Checklist For Paddling Trip

Canoeing or kayaking is a cool experience. You can enjoy it alone or with friends. Depending on what you choose, here is the best checklist to help you through. On-River Gear Canoe or kayak: Needed to cruise the waters. Paddle: Paddling, cruising, and directing the canoe/ kayak Spare Paddle: In the case on paddle breaks Life-Jacket: For the worst eventualities (to keep safe from drowning). Bailer (1/2 gallon with its bottom cut out) drawing water out of canoe if it rains. Large sponge: To help remove the sand and water from your boat. Dry bag or dry box: To keep [...]

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Checklist for Overseas Travel

Are you planning on an overseas’ trip anytime soon? Use this checklist to get the most memorable traveling time overseas. Before You Go Research: On the destination location before your trip. Contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Get the best travel advice for the place you plan on visiting. Purchase a guide: To get information for the places you are visiting. Read up on local laws: Include the customs and places of interest. Contact an Agent: Get a travel agent for more information. Contact Doctor: Find out if there are any vaccinations needed. Get information: Helps to stay on [...]

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Checklist for On board Sleep

Long flight needs enough rest. But to get that sleep before you get into the flight, during the flight, or after will be your choice. Let our checklist help you to get the best onboard sleep. Before The Flight Choose a bedtime routine. Adjust your sleep schedule (focus on the destination's time zone). Get organized (helps to minimize stress). Pick out the trip’s outfit (loose but fitting comfortable clothes). Check in online (it helps to start relaxing immediately you hit the airport). During The Flight Use the sleep triggers (work with your bedtime routine). Choose the best relaxing music to [...]

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