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Checklist For Environmental Safety

Keeping the sick, senior people, children, and people with special needs safe require much more than just saying around them. You need to give them an environment that they can easily work on without necessarily injuring themselves. To get such an environment, these are what you should actually do. Lighting Light bulbs should be the proper wattage for their fixtures. Light bulbs should be replaced whenever they burn out. A good number of floor and table lamps must be present in recreation and reading areas. The light should always be aimed at the work, not at eyes. Mirrors should be [...]

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Checklist For Environment Self-Help

Are you planning on creating a form of environmental self-help? Well, keeping our environment safe is really important. Use this checklist to get started and make easy strides too. Is the overall environment bright and welcoming Are the premises accessible to all users Are public areas tidy and well maintained Are fire exits and fire extinguishers clearly signed Is the First Aid station clearly signed Are there private areas for meeting with clients Are resources and services clearly labeled Are they well organized and easy to access Is there adequate workspace for the client's use Is there adequate space for [...]

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Checklist For Emergency Supply

In case of disasters such as fires, flood, and hurricanes, it can take days to restore utilities or even get relief efforts in place. Nonetheless, you can make sure that all of your family's immediate needs are met. Simply have an emergency supply kit in place. Essentials Water (1 gallon per person per day). Liquid bleach to purify drinking water. First aid kit, freshly stocked. First aid book. Food Can opener (non-electric). Blankets or sleeping bags. Portable radio, flashlight, and spare batteries. Essential medications. Extra pair of eyeglasses. Extra pair of house and car keys. Fire extinguisher. Food, water, and [...]

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Checklist For Effective Alcohol Policies

Alcohol policy is an authoritative decision used to minimize alcohol-based harm to citizens or individuals in a society. Here are the best considerations that any effective alcohol policy should take care of. A clear statement: It should state the purpose. (Example: Prevention of alcohol-based harm and protection of the public’s health and welfare), Alcohol taxation: It captures the taxes involved that will help in the reduction of alcohol consumption. Taxation revenues: Determines the fractions of the tax revenue that is dedicated to alcohol prevention Minimum legal age: Captures the minimum legal age to who an alcoholic product can be sold [...]

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Checklist For Earthquake Safety

Earthquakes will strike without any warning. That’s why it is important that you remain prepared all through – especially if you live in earthquake-prone areas. Learn what it takes to keep your loved ones safe in case of an earthquake. How To Prepare Become aware of fire evacuation and earthquake plans. Pick safe places in each room of your home, workplace and/or school. Each family member should know safe spots in each room. Practice drop, cover and hold on in each safe place. Make sure your home is securely anchored to its foundation. Install strong latches or bolts on cabinets. [...]

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Checklist For Drone Post-Flight

It is very important that you have a post-flight checklist for your drone. These are the traits of good drone ownership and also operation. To build the best post-flight checklist you must make sure that you do not skip or forget any key steps. Here are tips that will help you to cover every area. Flight date: Mark the flight’s date, distance, and also area. Flight location: Ensure the location is favorable and is not a restricted area. Weather conditions: Keep tabs of all the weather conditions and make sure they are favorable. Land drone: Give your drone a proper [...]

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Checklist for Drone Maintenance

Do own a drone? Do have the best guidelines for checking up, transporting, and maintaining the battery health of your drone? Use this checklist to keep your drone performing efficiently and to avoid unnecessary failures. Visual Inspection Inspect the outer shell and other components for damage. Check the condition of propellers before and after every flight. Make sure there are no bent blades or cracks. Inspect the gimbal for damage and camera lens for dust or dirt. Battery Read the intelligent flight battery safety guidelines. Use a fully charged battery. Don’t keep battery idle for a long time, its performance [...]

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Checklist For Dji Mavic Pro Pre-Flight

It’s another windy (non-flying) day, so I thought I should spend some time this morning looking through a few checklists on DJI Support, youtube, and other helpful forums. Check Parts – The parts you are using should only be genuine parts and should all be in mint condition. Charge Status – Charge every related device. From the remote controller, intelligent flight battery, and the mobile device. Check Camera – Keep your camera clear. It will help the gimbal to keep rotating freely before powering it on. Check Propellers - Propellers should be securely mounted onto the motors, and check the [...]

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Checklist For Disney Movie

Are you the die-hard Disney movie fan and do you want to review some of the best blockbusters from Disney? If so, we have the best solution for you. In the last 81 years, Disney released a whopping 400 movies. We have prepared the list to give you an easy time choosing your hits. Pinocchio Fantasia Dumbo Cinderella Cinderella 2 Cinderella 3: A twist in time Treasure Island Anastasia (not Disney but still good) Alice in Wonderland PETER PAN Sleeping Beauty The Jungle Book The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid 2 Beauty and the Beast Aladdin The Lion King The [...]

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Checklist For Curb Appeal

What do your pals think of your house when they visit or pass by? If you don’t know when it is possible that your curb appeal could actually use a quick overhaul. Fortunately, you don’t have to use thousands of dollars to give your home the perfect appeal. Here is a quick checklist to help you out. Exterior Mow the lawn and trim the vegetation. Keep the lawn mowed at a certain height. Clean the driveway always. Clear all vegetation and shrubs from the walkways Clear grass from driveway cracks. Keep your garbage containers at the rear. Keep toys and [...]

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Checklist For Computer Security

Maintaining the security of all your digital devices is quite essential if you want to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Nonetheless, you could sometimes miss out on what to look at. Use this checklist to keep a safe and problem-free device anytime. Data Backup Perform routine/ regular backups of all the data files. Test restoration of every client data files (ensures backup files work). Ensure a copy of the data is usually stored securely, off-site location. Review your backup requirements periodically.  Physical Security Ensure your computers are located in areas that are not easily accessible by hackers. Ensure everyone [...]

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Checklist For Classic Books

Have you held any of the classic books of the century? We’ve put down the top 100 classics for your next reading challenge. This list has it all. Take a look at our list and see how it goes down with you. 1984 by George Orwell A House for Mr. Biswas by V.S. Naipaul A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy Cane by Jean Toomer Emma by Jane Austen Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Howards [...]

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Checklist For Christian Privilege

Christian privileges are any of those advantages that are bestowed upon Christians in quite a number of societies. Here are tips you need that will make you understand Christian privileges and prevent you from marginalizing the non-believers. You can take some time off work and celebrate religious holidays together. Use readily accessible music and television related Christian programs to sensitize people. Find stores that carry Christian based items that enable you to practice your faith collectively and stand up to any form of marginalization. Don’t be pressured to celebrate holidays from any other faith that might conflict with your religious values. Understand that [...]

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Checklist for Christian Bucket

If you're a Christian, you probably think you haven't achieved much, especially if you go to a church where you're constantly being asked awkward questions! Look at this list, you've probably achieved more than you think. The phrase "been instrumental in . . . " includes praying for something and having that prayer answered, as well as assisting in a situation along with other people. Win someone to Jesus. Memorize an entire chapter of the Bible. Learn to pray better. Become a person of good humor and frequent laughter. Volunteer in your community. Find someone from your past and apologize. [...]

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Checklist For Buying A Second-Hand Motorcycle

Not everyone can afford a brand new motorcycle. Well, if you love to ride and you can’t get your hand on a brand new machine, here is a few important tips that will give you a great secondhand bike that you can still enjoy and use to explore the places around you. Questions to Ask Appearance: Is the bike clean and shiny? Touch the engine: Is it cold or warmed up? Are there any oil leaks at the engine or gearbox? Do the frame/chassis number and the engine number match the details on the paper documents? Are there bills for [...]

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