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Checklist For Mulching

Mulching is a great way to suppress the weeds, conserve water, and prevent soil erosion on your flower and vegetable garden. Use this checklist to mulch your garden and regulate the temperature of your soil. Plastic Black and red plastic mulch: Increases soil temperature/ allows you to plant summer crops earlier. Reduces / eliminates soil-borne diseases. Reduces weeds are reduced Increases rate of growth of crops Great for any salad plants such as cucumbers, squash, eggplants, melons, tomatoes, and peppers. Best with a drip irrigation system since water can’t permeate the plastic. Expensive and difficult to remove (not environmentally sustainable). [...]

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Checklist For Minimalist Must Have Toolkit

Are you planning to live life on the simplest edge? Be the best minimalist that we have around. Get your set of tools right. Use our checklist to start off. Tools Cutters: for cutting wires and tiny sheets of iron Zip strips: to use as tie wraps and cable ties Plastic-electrical tape: for sealing open cables Small clamps: used to hold as vices Wire nuts: tapping ends of cut/ naked wires Small vise grips: Double up as clamps Flat file: Smooth edges of iron bars, knives, and plates. 5 in 1 knife/tool: Putty and pocket knife for tactical use Assorted [...]

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Checklist For Charity Auction

In case you are organizing a charity auction, you’d love to get every buck that you can to support your noble cause. This checklist strives to help you in ensuring that you leave nothing out. Before The Auction Choose the right time for your auction. Choose a professional auctioneer for your live auction. If you run a small auction, use a volunteer. Prepare the plan of auction that will available to guests when they arrive. Increase your auction revenue by selling wine and cocktails, organizing lotteries. Invite guests approximately 90 days before the event. Send reminders at regular intervals to [...]

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Checklist For Change Of Address

There are many reasons why you may want to change the address. More often than not it will include change of job, city, moving out, and many others. In case you intend to change your address, it will be important that you follow this checklist. Personal Choose a personal address for the following parties:- Friends and family Subscriptions Health/ fitness club or salon. School/daycare Church Pharmacy  Finance Keep a financial address for these institutions:- Financial institutions Insurance companies Tax Preparer  Government When seeking an update with the government, cover these:- Post office Driver’s license Social security/welfare office IRS  Utilities More [...]

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Checklist For Charity Event

Are you a part of the next big charity event in your area? Don’t let your event become a disaster. Use this simple checklist and save your day. It is simple to follow and has everything that you need for a successful charity event. Prep Work The first step is to prepare:- Determine your objective. Keep a detailed list of things to do written on paper. Think of the audience you want to reach. Determine how many people you want to attend. Look for people who are ready to volunteer. Decide on the event date. Make sure there are no [...]

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Checklist for Funerals

No one wants to lose the people they love, but death is inevitable and once in a while we bid farewell to our departed. Painful as it is, it’s important that we do everything right. Here is the best checklist for any funeral. Notify the Responsible Authorities This includes notifying the police and should be done if death occurs outside the hospital or nursing home. The authorities will notify the relatives and next of kin. They may also call the funeral home for the ideal schedule. Contact the Funeral Home Discuss and determine who will take responsibility for all the [...]

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Checklist For Bowling

Feeling all psyched up for your next bowling game? We have the best checklist for you. Use it and get the right tips so you don’t leave anything behind and spoil the game. Here is every tip for you.   Bowling Find a bowling ball that's the right weight and feels comfortable.  Get comfortable bowling shoes.  Always start your practice session with a positive thought.  Make sure you're throwing the first ball of every frame from the same starting position.  Get the timing right - each step of your foot should match up with a specific part of your arm swing [...]

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