Checklist To Apply For A Us Passport

Do you want to visit the US? Here is a comprehensive checklist that will help you to get a passport for your trip in no time.

Apply In Person

  • Sequence: Is it your first time applying for the US Passport?
  • Age: How old are you?
  • Age on First Issuance: Were you under 16 when first issued with US passport
  • Last Issuance: When was your previous US passport issued? Over 15 years ago?
  • Reason for Application: Did your current US passport get lost, stolen, or irreversibly damaged?
  • Change of Name? Have you changed your name since your first US passport?

 Fill-Out Application For US Passport: Form DS-11

  • Fill online or download
  • Provide Social Security number

Required Documents:

  • DS-11 Form: Application for the US Passport
  • Native: Any Proof of US Citizenship
  • Identification: Current (valid) identification e.g driver’s license
  • Copy of all the Identification documents used to apply
  • Service Fee: Proof of Payment
  • Photo: One Passport Photo

Submit Completed DS-11 Form In Person

  • Deliver the form to Authorities: Bring in person completed DS-11 form to the Acceptance Facility/ Passport Agency.
  • Submit proofs: Bring citizenship documents with the DS-11 form.
  • Present all the required Identification documents.
  • Submit also Photocopies of Identification documents.
  • Submit one Passport Photo.
  • Pay the applicable service fee.
  • Sign the completed DS-11 form when instructed by the Acceptance Agent.

It’s time to get your US to pass the simple way. Use this simple checklist to get it all setup and have your US passport in no time.

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