Checklist Rehearsal Dinner

Here is a great checklist that will help you to have the best rehearsal dinner. It is simple to follow and will leave you with the best experience.


  • Keep it as close as possible to the main wedding:
  • Have the rehearsal first and the dinner later
  • Estimate the number of guests that will come:
  • Call the wedding venue and the planner to schedule rehearsal:

Research a Venue for the Dinner

  • Look for restaurants close to the wedding venue
  • Compare at least 3 venues before making a choice
  • Go to the restaurant beforehand and taste the food
  • Plan for Drinks, Desserts, and extras:

1 Month – 2 Weeks before the Wedding

  • Book the Dinner venue:
  • Give enough time for the rehearsal:
  • Finalize the meal and menu options:
  • Send out invitations for the main rehearsal dinner
  • Layout the general plan for the wedding:
  • Go over the details to make sure none is missing.

The Eve of Rehearsal

  • Coordinate with guests
  • Ensure everyone arrives at the same time.
  • Hand out maps or directions
  • Focus on the wedding venue and the restaurant.
  • Make adjustments for missing guests:
  • Practice how to walk down and up the aisle
  • Help children learn their main parts.
  • During the dinner ensure it is interactive

Rehearsal dinners are some of the most memorable events. That’s why you need to have the very best. Use this checklist and possibly double up your experience by getting creative too.

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