Checklist For Triathlon

If you intend to participate in the next triathlon event it is time you got ready with the right set up. Let our checklist give you the boost you so much need.


  • Wetsuit: for cooler temperatures.
  • Permitted Gears: wetsuit might be prohibited check with organizers first.
  • Best Wetsuit: Choose wetsuit that designed for enhanced buoyancy.
  • Ease of use: Choose wetsuit that boosts flexibility for swim strokes.
  • Have goggles: for comfort and visibility.
  • Have an anti-fog device: to ensure clear visibility.
  • Practice: Take lessons a couple of times (the ocean is the best)
  • Saltwater and waves from the ocean develop your endurance fully.


  • Mat or towel: to stand on (helpful to shed dirt and pebbles)
  • Have a transition mat: serves as a shield between the hot asphalt and feet.
  • Have a transition bag: use it for helmet catch and us/dry pockets.
  • Style: Choose the best bike for the race.
  • Comfort: Make sure you’re comfy all through the ride.
  • Gears: Have clothes designed for bike and run.


  • Water: Carry some nutrition.
  • Practice: Train in the same clothing you will race in.
  • Comfort: Clothing should be comfortable over long distances.
  • Shoes: Should have laces that can be removed and fastened quickly.
  • Laces: Use elastic types for the shorter sprint and also Olympic distance triathlon.

Triathlon Race

  • Arrive early: helps you to relax
  • Fix your bicycle properly: to get it in good shape
  • Have your helmet open and prepared to put on.
  • Tubes: get backup inner tubes
  • Pump: Get a bicycle pump and tool kit.
  • Bicycle shoes: Get the right shoe for biking.
  • Storage: Take a box for storing your triathlon wetsuit after swimming.
  • Use Color Ribbons: They give your mind something to focus on.
  • Use your heart rate monitor ready.
  • Be in time for any of the briefings.

Now get out there and have fun for your triathlon races. You can easily enjoy the thrill. Thanks to our comprehensive checklist.

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