Checklist for Trading

Trading in binary or other stocks is a great way of making money. However, before you trade you need the very best preparation. Use this checklist to get the help you need.

Before Buying

  • Research: Check the markets for quick trading culture.
  • Trend: Trade in the direction by which the markets have prevailed.
  • Check the Industry: Determine if stocks are topping out or bottoming?
  • Ranking: Ensure your industry is among the top ranked.
  • Track: take weekly scale overview/check threatening chart patterns.
  • Note: Take note of the best and worst performers.
  • Check and also track the indicators.
  • Compare: Compare your industry to others.
  • Monitor: Wait for price to turn up before buying.
  • Quote: Get a quote before trading.
  • If the stock is up too much intraday you need to skip the trade.
  • Look for the overhead resistance.
  • Look for any underlying support.
  • Avoid any stock that is showing a dead-cat bounce (past six months).

When To Sell

  • Time: When the stock is about to hit your stop.
  • Poor Performance: If a bearish chart pattern breaks out downward.
  • Closing: The stock has closed below an up-sloping trend line.
  • Aim Achieved: If the price has hit the target.
  • Trend: If stocks in the same industry are topping out.
  • If the entire market up yet stocks remain down.
  • Indicators are diverging from price.

With these pointers, you have a complete guide to the best trading checklist. Use every tip to finalize the best trades in the stock markets.

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