Checklist for Tour Guide

Are you the next tour guide for the town’s museum? Give the best experience; use this checklist to give your tourists the best experience any day.


  • Be flexible.
  • Give balanced commentary.
  • Be prepared to also change route anytime.
  • Know all the alternative routes that you can provide.
  • Stress every aspect of social history.
  • Allow for questions and handle them appropriately.
  • Always keep your ears open/ listen carefully.
  • Be honest and if you don’t know the answer accept.
  • Give enough time for your guests to talk.
  • Limit all the details to the most important ones only.
  • Explain every technical terms or jargon that may come up.
  • Research well and be very confident.
  • Be quite imaginative in order to remain captivating
  • Borrow and learn from the visitor’s knowledge
  • Determine if the guests have specific interests.
  • Use common sense and guide them through appropriately.
  • Carry any ideal reference book if any.
  • Be very positive.
  • Maintain a warm smile.

 Do Not

  • Forget to keep a reminder/ mark the tour in your diary.
  • Forget to take count of all group members, restaurant seats and tickets, etc.
  • Speak if there is absolutely nothing to say.
  • Express your personal or even negative opinions.
  • Present any controversial topics such as politics, religion, sex, etc.
  • Assume that your guests are ignorant
  • Presume to be the all-knowing expert.
  • Hurry up your guests
  • Comment on the lack of time
  • Turn your back to the group (do preset facing the crowd).
  • Turn your head away from the crowd whilst speaking.
  • Start your presentation before the entire group is assembled.
  • Speak while at the same time walking.
  • Overtire the guests with so much unnecessary information.
  • Tell information that you are not sure of – lies.
  • Argue with your visitors.
  • Forget the group’s name, hotel, or voucher, etc.

Give your guests the most memorable tour. Be the one of a kind guest that you can be. Let our tour guide checklist be of help to you.

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