Checklist for Tools Maintenance

Equipment, tools, and appliances must be well-taken care of and maintained if you want them to last and also perform efficiently. Use this checklist to give your tools the best care and maintenance routine.

Tools Maintenance

  • Storage: Store, when finished to use/, work
  • Storage Area: Store in shed, garage, or utility room.
  • Clean: Use an old towel and clean your tool before storing.
  • Scrape and wipe: Get off stubborn dirt and rust.
  • Wash: Rinse off your tools before drying.
  • Dry: Allow tools to dry before storing to prevent rust.
  • Sharpen: Have a routine sharpening/ clean before sharpening.
  • Sharpen in category: All Blades including those on spades, shovels, and hoes.
  • Grease: Have a periodic/ routine lubrication routine
  • Greasing Parts: all moveable parts.
  • Tighten Any hinges that are squeaking.
  • Electrical cords: Inspect switches and connectors for damage.
  • Storage: Get a safe and dry place and use it to store your tools.
  • Keep the tools organized for easy access when you need it.

It is no brainer really. This is the best way to ensure all your tools are properly taken care of. It is simple and doesn’t need any tech-know-how to use.

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