Checklist For Technical-Hire-Vetting

How do you get the best technician in your team? This checklist gives you the best vetting process for any technical job. It is simple and easy to work with. Try it out next time you need to hire a technician.

  • Hands-on Task: Give them the chance to duplicate a task
  • Allow them to Show You: Let them walk you’re through a previous project
  • Questions: Ask open-ended questions that allow them to say more.
  • Give them a Project: Have them complete a six-month consultant job.
  • Motivated for the Job: Ask why they are so passionate about your business
  • Double Programs: Encourage a Pair Programming project.
  • Audit: Audit any of their previous work of your choice.
  • Get Technical: Ask and discuss with them technical pain points
  • Split the Interview: Set it into qualifications and culture
  • Presentation: Ask them to choose a topic and present

You can top the things by asking or inquiring how certain things actually work. This should help you to get a clear picture of what your technician knows. If this checklist helps to be free to add anything that you feel is necessary.

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