Checklist for Technical Hire Vetting

How do you hire the best technician for a practical job? Our checklist just solves the problem for you. Read on!

  • Practical: Let them duplicate a done task
  • Assignment: Walkthrough their previous project
  • Questions: Get more information/ ask open-ended questions
  • Probation: Let them complete a six/ three months consultant job
  • Projects: Give and examine their use cases
  • Drive: Find out why where their passion for the business originates.
  • Unity: Encourage Pair Programming
  • Examine their professional know-how: Audit their previous work
  • Use Professional Terminology: Discuss technical points
  • Grade Interview: Split it into qualifications and culture
  • Presentation: Have them present to a panel.
  • Let them run you through: Ask them how things work

If you intend to get the best technician for your job vacancy or project, it is important that you get the most vital questions. Going with our checklist will save you the hassle and leave you with the best vetting for technicians.

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