Checklist For Snowboarding

Do you plan on having fun with your pals this coming vacation? It’s time to ride your snowboards again. Use this checklist to make sure everything is packed and have pure fun with friends.

Getting Ready

  • Lessons: Get a tutor to help you get started.
  • Equipment: Buy the right snowboard
  • Clubs: Get the perfect clubs for your preferred style of riding.
  • Experience: Boost your experience by working out regularly
  • Dressing well: Buy the best attire for your personal style.
  • Knowing your limits: Determine what lengths you can go for.


  • Helmets: For head protection
  • Goggles: Keeping snow from your eyes
  • Sunglasses: Keeping the sun’s UV rays away
  • Buttocks and hip protection: For any fall
  • Back protection: Protecting your backbone
  • Wrist protection: Holding your wrist in place
  • Boots: The right shoes for the ride
  • Bags: To carry your gear


  • Gloves
  • Beanie
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Layers

 Take With You

  • Sunscreen: Keep sun burns way
  • Lip balm: Keep your lips moisturized
  • Helmet camera: Get to capture the best shots
  • Boot dryers: Save your feet from too much wetness.
  • Hand warmers: Don’t freeze to death

Get the best snowboarding fun. Have a top style ride with you pals any day you choose to.

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