Checklist For RV Buying

Here is a great checklist if you want to buy your RV. You can use it any day without leaving anything to chance.


  • Damages: Check for signs of water damage or leaks.
  • Fridge: Fridge is working.
  • Stove: Stove/oven is working.
  • Heater: Water heater is working.
  • Electric Pump: Electric pump working properly.
  • Thermostat: Should be in working order.
  • Converter working properly.
  • All lights and accessories functioning.
  • Wiring: Appears safe: No naked wires.
  • Sinks: draining properly.
  • Toilet and Shower: Works properly.
  • Check for signs of propane leaks.
  • Windows and doors open and close.
  • Entry door latch is in working order.
  • Check overall roof condition.

Test Drive

  • Engine starts well.
  • Wipers function.
  • Headlights/ turn lights signals.
  • Horn works well.
  • Radio is functional.
  • Gauges and indicators are working.
  • Engine is running smoothly,
  • Engine has sufficient power.
  • Brakes operate smoothly.
  • Transmission shifts smoothly.
  • There is no exhaust noise/odor.
  • The wheel is well centered.
  • Check the windshield for cracks.

After Test Drive

  • Check hubs for overheating.
  • Check radiator for leaks and low levels.

Simple as the checklist may sound, it is pretty comprehensive. You can use anytime to get the best RV.

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