Checklist for Prom

Prom parties are simply awesome. In any case, you are just stepping out of one age to the next and in style. Here is a checklist to work with.

Planning a Party

  • Determine the budget in advance.
  • Determine the number of people to invite
  • Determine the best date for the anniversary party.
  • Decide on what to have (a large/small formal or informal) ceremony
  • Choose the location of the ceremony restaurant/party at home.
  • Shop around to find a good deal from different party planners.

Ceremony at Home

  • Decide if you want a caterer
  • Decide if you will prepare meals alone.
  • Book the caterer in advance
  • If cooking alone asks friends and family to assist.
  • Plan your menu type.
  • Decide on the theme.
  • Consider everyone’s eating preference/ allergies
  • Book hotels for out of town guests
  • Contact hotels to negotiate group rates.
  • Send out invitations – 3 months in advance.
  • Decide if you need entertainment at home.
  • Decide if you need professional photographer/ friends taking pictures.
  • Ask a close family relative or friend to speak the toast.

Prom ceremonies should be simple and quite entertaining. This checklist sums it up all in the best way possible.

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