Checklist for Project Management Software Evaluation

It’s time for the best paperless management approach. But do you know how to evaluate the management software that you are looking at? Use this checklist to help.

Your Team Characteristics

  • Size: Determine the number of people in your team.
  • Location: How far are they located from one another?
  • Tech savvy: Capture the number that is already tech savvy.
  • Working style: What is their most productive working style?
  • Existing tools: Determine any existing tools that you can integrate.

 Your Customer Characteristics

  • Location: Categorize your customers and determine their location.
  • Tech savvy: Find out if they already have tech knowledge.
  • Transparency: How clear are the software’s details?
  • Reporting: Is the reporting timely?
  • Communication: Make sure the software passes information rightly.

Your Project Characteristics

  • Project type: Evaluate your project to determine where it fits.
  • Financials: Create and determine the best budget for installation.
  • Scope: How will the software approach help and how can you bring it in?
  • Dynamics: Are there any challenges involved?

 Potential Software Characteristics

  • Budget: Determine if the software fits your budget.
  • Find out if you can get a scaled-down version for your needs
  • Technical requirements: What are the required technical approach?
  • Hosting: Will you host it as partners or host it alone?
  • Ease of use: Is it quick to follow/ understand?
  • Remove collaboration: Can it work independently?
  • Communication: How efficient is it?
  • Mobility: How fast can it be used?
  • Expandability: Does it give room for future expansion/ upgrade?

Vendor Characteristics

  • Stability: How long has the vendor been around?
  • Client profile: What do references say about the programmer?
  • Business practices: What are the vendor’s business ways?
  • Liability and security: Are they insured for both?

This checklist must be of great help. Why not share it with other people to help them set up a great 21st-century business?

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