Checklist for Pet Travel

If you are planning on taking your pet with you on your next vacation trip, here is the right pet travel checklist to use.

Before You Travel

  • Pet’s Health: Ensure pet is in good health before traveling
  • Ask a Vet: Consult your veterinarian for advice.
  • Vaccinations: Get the proper pet vaccinations.
  • Health Certificate: Update your pet’s health certificate.
  • Copy: Bring a copy of the original pet’s health record.
  • Identification: Design collar tags/ micro-chip for ID.
  • Contact embassy of destination – ask for pet’s travel requirements.
  • Update Passport for Companion Animal
  • Consider going through a pet carrier company

Traveling By Car

  • Prepare your Pet: Take them on a shorter trip before traveling.
  • Feed your pet: Keep it light before hitting the road.
  • Confine pet to travel cage: It is safer for all of you.
  • Secure carriers: use a seat belt or even bungee cords.
  • Keep a Leash Close: Travel with a leash.
  • Don’t allow pets to even hang out of the windows.
  • Plan rest: Rest stops along the way.
  • Keep handy food schedules.
  • Bring your pet some fresh water and food.
  • Never leave your pet unattended.

Traveling By Air

  • Check air carrier’s website: Focus on specific pet travel details.
  • Make a reservation for the pet.
  • Choose to book non-stop flights.
  • If using cargo hold, label the crate with the pet’s photo.
  • Never tranquilize your pet on trips.

Hotel Stay

  • Locate the pet-friendly hotel.
  • Call in advance: Helps to determine any restrictions.
  • Keep your pet’s leash on always.
  • Find hotel pet sitters
  • Determine pet’s daycare centers.
  • Keep an emergency contact number and serve the hotel with it.
  • Report any pet caused damage and pay promptly

Traveling with your pet can be an awesome experience. Thanks to this checklist you have the best pointer to trying it out next. So what are you waiting for?

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