Checklist For Personal Memorial

If you are planning a personal memorial for a loved one it will be awesome to get things underway smoothly. Use this checklist to help.

Church Service

  • Venue: Choose location of the ceremony
  • Time: Choose time and date of the ceremony.
  • Reservations: Reserve the ceremony location.
  • Lead person: Identify clergy, celebrant, or person to officiate service.
  • Service Theme: Decide on theme, type, and tone of service.
  • Schedule: Decide on order and timing of the service.
  • Readings: Pick individuals to do readings and share memories.
  • Entertainment: Select music.
  • Decorations: Purchase floral arrangements.
  • Guest Book: Purchase memorial guest book.
  • Floor Plan: Reserve adequate seating (immediate family members).

Additional Tips

  • Floral tributes to be delivered/ displayed in church before guests arrive.
  • Designate an individual to deliver the urn to the facility.
  • Meet with clergy to review order of service.
  • Designate usher to see guests to their seats and answer questions.
  • Have someone make appropriate announcements.

Cemetery Service

  • Reserve: Contact cemetery to schedule burial.
  • Pay: Settle cemetery fee for grave opening and closing.
  • Location: Decide on location of committal at cemetery.
  • Arrange: Organize and arrange gravesite or cemetery chapel.
  • Flowers: Ensure flowers are delivered to gravesite and displayed.
  • Lead: Designate someone to make necessary announcements.

It a special way to remember the time spent with loved ones who have departed. Make sure you make it as memorable, and this checklist is the way to go.

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