Checklist for On board Sleep

Long flight needs enough rest. But to get that sleep before you get into the flight, during the flight, or after will be your choice. Let our checklist help you to get the best onboard sleep.

Before The Flight

  • Choose a bedtime routine.
  • Adjust your sleep schedule (focus on the destination’s time zone).
  • Get organized (helps to minimize stress).
  • Pick out the trip’s outfit (loose but fitting comfortable clothes).
  • Check in online (it helps to start relaxing immediately you hit the airport).

During The Flight

  • Use the sleep triggers (work with your bedtime routine).
  • Choose the best relaxing music to listen to.
  • Make use of your eye mask, earplugs, and neck pillow
  • Adjust your time / watch to the destination’s time zone.
  • Practice gentle stretches to relax your muscles.
  • Take time to walk up and down the aisle.

When You Arrive

  • Take morning exercise: helps reset your body clock.
  • Adjust room temps (ensure it isn’t very hot or very cold).
  • Ask that you’re left to rest.
  • Use sleep triggers.
  • Take a nap.
  • Avoid exercising within the 2-3 hours of bedtime.

Believe it or not, a good way to kick fatigues and jet lags out is to get enough rest. Hopefully, our checklist has helped you and you can now get the perfect onboard preparation for your next flight.

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