Checklist For Office Safety

Keep your employees safe and make sure your business is also in safe hands. Use this checklist to get you started.

Safety Plan

  • Define a safety plan.
  • Plan on how to distribute/communicate the safety program.
  • Develop, with employee input an employee safety statement form.
  • Develop a new employee orientation program.
  • Include your safety policy in employee handbook.
  • All job descriptions to include recognition of importance of safety.
  • Communicate the purpose and main scope of the safety plan.
  • Assign and communicate key responsibilities.

Emergency Procedures

  • Develop emergency safety procedures.
  • Develop emergency action plan such as fire response
  • List all emergency phone numbers.
  • List key contact addresses and phone numbers.

Safety Procedures

  • Create accident investigation procedure and form.
  • Create serious incident reporting procedure.
  • Create an accident reporting procedure.
  • Obtain worker’s compensation report form.
  • Create automobile accident procedure and report form.
  • Develop other vehicle or property damage report procedure.
  • Obtain general liability report form from insurer and develop procedure.
  • Obtain property damage report form
  • Develop property damage procedure.
  • Obtain or create a loss and theft report form/ develop procedure.


  • Set up a Safety Committee.
  • Set up and outline safety meeting guidelines.
  • Develop an ideal Medical and First Aid Program.
  • Develop the right Fire Protection Program.
  • Develop a practical Security Program.
  • Develop the best action plans for inspections.
  • Keep a record of all the penalties
  • Keep a record of employees involved in unsafe work practices.

It is good to keep your employee safe. However, it all starts out with nothing but this simple guideline. Follow it and minimize all the legal compensation court battles today!

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