Checklist For Neighborhood

Get the best neighborhood for you family. Follow up this simple checklist and have the best place ever.

Neighborhood Feel

  • Are kids playing freely around?
  • Are people exercising or working out?
  • Are recreational facilities such as parks with people?
  • How do people interact with each other?
  • Do you have home and lawn upkeep services?
  • What are the types of cars parked?
  • Are the trees well-maintained?
  • Can you walk or bike freely?
  • Are there well-maintained neighborhood parks?
  • What are the rules and regulations around?

Community Service

  • School / after school activities: proper learning institutions
  • Childcare: availability of well-tended kid’s playing areas.
  • Recreational facilities: enough parks and public spaces
  • Religious institutions: ideal for celebrations of religious festivities
  • Hospitals: Availability proper furnished hospitals
  • Entertainment: well-organized community programs
  • Police and fire station: Enough community security services
  • Fuel availability: notable fueling and filling stations
  • Cable TV: Timely rand reliable news channels
  • Trash and recycle pick-up.: cleaning and litter collection services

Safety And Health

  • Crime statistics: helps you in knowing the crime rates
  • Security options: well-barred windows with alarm signs.
  • Controlled Access: is it gated or open community?
  • Street traffic: Availability of roads safety signals/ signs
  • Health hazards: make sure there are no abandoned buildings, rivers, or steep hills.
  • Roads: Highways with less traffic and less busy roads.
  • Water: Clean water with no sources of contamination
  • Air quality: No industrial sites and agricultural pest control programs around

It’s time to keep your family is the safest neighborhood ever. Thanks to our simple to follow checklist you can save your day.

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