Checklist For Natural Pool

Want to make a natural pool for your next family get together? Here is a simple checklist that works fast!

Natural Swimming Pool

  • Hollow a hole in the ground.
  • Make sure sides slope.
  • Reserve 50 percent of pool’s surface area for shallow plants.
  • Separate the swimming area and the filtration area.
  • Inside the plant zone, let the water get steadily deeper (allow it to reach a maximum depth of 18 inches near swimming zones).
  • Aerate the water (water organisms’ oxygen to be available).
  • Channel water from pump into plant zone (use of PVC tubes).
  • Bury tubing in the soil (about 18 inches deep).
  • Use skimmers hook them up to small pump to suck off floating.
  • Apply a layer of bentonite clay (seals the soil or lays a synthetic liner).
  • Choose a liner made of ethylene propylene rather than PVC.
  • Cover the bottom of pool with 4 to 5 inches of gravel.
  • Open the spigot to run water through the gravel.
  • Build cobblestone steps for easy access in and out of the pool.
  • Run a plate compactor around the perimeter to finish the edges.
  • Cover perimeter with rocks, flagstone or even wood planking.

Concrete Options

  • Construct with cement.
  • Have the right mix
  • Have right density to prevent cracking.
  • Pour concrete and then trowel on a %inch coat of stucco
  • Stucco waterproofs the pool (concrete is porous).
  • Prepare plant zone with 3 to 6 inches of soil.
  • Avoid harvesting soil from places with excrement.


  • Know the laws protecting wetlands and their plants.
  • Choose plants suited to your type of climate.
  • Obtain your plants from native-plant supplier.
  • Include submergent plants (common waterweed for high oxygen).
  • Plant a mixture of floating, submergent and emergent plants in water (6 to 18 inches deep).
  • Group plants as per height and type.
  • Place plants into the soil / anchoring them (use enough gravel).


  • Remove plant litter during spring and fall.
  • Keep water levels constant
  • Be prepared to add water as required.
  • Check mechanical systems annually.

It’s time to get the best natural pool for your home coming party. Let our checklist give you the boost.

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