Checklist for Mountaineering

Its pure fun hanging out with your loved ones; however, it’s an epic experience hitting the mountains or going rock climbing. Don’t spoil the party. Use this checklist to have a memorable experience.


  • Gps: Use to find the perfect directions from the present location.
  • Vacuum flask: Taking your chosen beverages with you.
  • Altimeter watch: To find altitudes.
  • Compass: Great at working with GPS to give directions.
  • Map: Choosing the best routes for the hike.
  • Log books: If you are camping or going around for identity.
  • Guide book: Choosing the best spots to visit.
  • Trekking sticks: Ideal for adding onto the footing and support.
  • Torch/headlight: Under dim light, you need to be boosted visibility
  • Backpack: For your personal accessories including tents.

Personal Items

  • Helmets: Protecting your head
  • Goggles: Protecting your eyes
  • Caps: Keeping your head warm
  • Water bottles: For hydrating
  • Tents: Pitching camp
  • Sleeping bags: Spending the night
  • Heavy jackets: Keeping warm
  • Sweaters: Additional warmth
  • Raincoats: For drizzly weather
  • Boots: Protecting your feet
  • Socks: Keeping feet warm
  • Gloves: Warming/ Protecting your hands
  • Pants: Extra pair

It’s time to hit the mountains in an easy way. Keep it simple and have the perfect fun. Choose this checklist and get started.

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