Checklist for Motorcycle Trip

Planning on going with your pals for a motorcycle trip soon? Here is the top checklist that will help you to get prepared fast.

Inspect Your Motorcycle

  • Tires Inflation: Make sure tires are properly inflated.
  • Tires Replacement: Replace any tire that you suspect won’t last long.
  • Cables: Check if cables (clutch and brakes) are intact and working.
  • Lights: Make sure headlights work properly including (high & low beam), turn signals, indicators, and brake lights.
  • Check Everything: Check engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid.
  • Check frame, chain, suspensions, and fasteners if secure and intact.
  • Center Stand or Side Stand: Ensure none is cracked or bent.
  • Shocks: Check if the shocks and the fork springs/ fork seals work.

Motorcycle Equipment To Take

  • Helmet: Keeps your head safe in case of fall
  • Jacket: Keeps the breeze away and keeps you warm
  • Gloves: Keeps your fingers and palms warms/ prevents bruises on falls.
  • Boots: Riding with your boots on is safe.
  • Goggles: To keep the wind from your eyes and boost visibility.


Choosing the time to go on a motorcycle trip will be up to you now that this checklist has helped you to get prepared.

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