Checklist for Las Vegas

If you plan on taking a trip to Las Vegas, here is a checklist that will take you all the way through.

Before Vegas Trip

  • Check around for good deals
  • Compare prices to save on Las Vegas vacation.
  • Use online services and bundle offers
  • Visit Vegas midweek – it’s cheaper then.
  • If a senior citizen, request rooms near elevators.
  • Decide how much you’ll spend on gambling.
  • If you’re hard up, don’t go to Vegas.
  • Travel light
  • Bring a jacket if it’s winter.
  • Bring sunscreen.

In Vegas

  • Get cash before approaching the taxi area.
  • Take a taxi to reach downtown.
  • Ensure hotel room has in-room safe.
  • Pay attention as they walk across the strip.
  • Watch for pickpockets
  • Avoid the people who ask if you want free tickets to a show.
  • Go for frequent buffets and casino food
  • Before entering the restaurant ensure you know how much it cost.
  • Order a bottle of wine.


  • Have a plan on gambling.
  • Consider seating in free gaming lessons.
  • Spend a couple of bucks on crib card.
  • Sign up for the player’s card.
  • Use a slot card when gambling.
  • Avoid 5-cent slots.
  • Don’t gamble for comps.


  • Tip good service to get good service.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated
  • Don’t complain about prices.
  • Dress appropriately
  • Get gel insoles

Follow our checklist and get the best thrill in Las Vegas. It is simple if you get every tip behind your head any day.

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