Checklist for Hotel

If you are planning to check in to the best hotel along your trip, you will find this checklist extremely handy. Use it if you want a safe and enjoyable trip.

Basic Questions

  • Is the front desk staffed 24/7?
  • Are there non-smoking zones or rooms?
  • Can you check in with a pet?
  • What size of pet should you tag along?
  • What is the hotel’s check-in time?
  • What is the hotel’s check out time?
  • What is the hotel’s policy on late check-in?
  • Does the hotel have a cancellation policy?
  • How much is the hotel’s room tax?
  • What rate does the hotel offer on local calls?

 Finding A Deal

  • Look through online listings
  • Work with hotel and tourist agencies
  • Think of getting holiday rentals instead
  • Ask for room pictures
  • Check for some of the hotel reviews online
  • Asked loved ones for recommendations

 Hotel Amenities

  • Is there a swimming pool?
  • Does the hotel have a relaxation park?
  • Does it have a Jacuzzi or Meditation room?
  • Is there a gym in the facility?
  • How far is the hotel form the main city?

 Making Reservations

  • Go with easy payments (credit cards)
  • Take a reservation two weeks before the trip.
  • Call a few days into your trip to confirm reservation
  • Book through a trusted tourist agency

Safety Tips

  • Keep your room locked at all times
  • Ask and keep the duplicate key if you are traveling alone
  • Do a checkup around the room every time you want to leave or after coming in.
  • Trust no one and never open for anyone who claims to be employees before confirming.
  • Keep your valuables safely locked up.

Follow this checklist and get the best hotel for your personal trips. Remember a great trip starts with the decisions that you make.

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