Checklist for Hotel Room

Are you planning on going for a trip and getting booked in a hotel? Here is the best hotel room checklist to keep you safe all through your stay.

To Protect Yourself

  • Keep the room locked: If you inside turn the deadbolt and fasten security chain.
  • Close behind you: If you leave the room pull and close the door behind you (no excuses even for quick trips)
  • Keep duplicate key: If you are alone on the trip.
  • Check before opening: Look through peephole if someone knocks.
  • Follow your gut: Never open up if you are not comfortable.
  • Trust no one: Anyone claiming to be a hotel employee shouldn’t be trusted unless you asked for a service.
  • Keep security chain intact: This will provide further protection if you open the door.
  • Step out: Do this when talking to a stranger.
  • Do a checkup: Inspect all windows and doors every time you enter it / leave this helps to ensure they are secured, closed, and locked.

 To Protect Your Valuables

  • Use safe: Choose room safe for keys, wallets, extra cash and also credit cards and jewelry
  • Check with front desk: In case you have no storage safe.
  • Take Valuables: Never cash, checks, and expensive devices/electronics lying un-stored.
  • Hide expensive objects: Store them in closets, pockets, and out of any view.

This checklist may just save your diamond ring from getting lost in your hotel room. Use it to have a lovely and safe trip any day.

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