Checklist for Home Staging

You can always buy an old property and remodel before selling. You can also renovate your home before you cash in on it. Home staging is an awesome way to show the value of your home. Use this checklist to get it right.


  • Landscape: Invest in landscaping – concentrate on highly visible areas.
  • Clear the Place: Remove dead plants and weed in all planting areas.
  • Trim Plants: Cut down over-grown shrubs and allow more light in.
  • Painting: Change and apply a new coat of paint.
  • Shovel Ice: Keep sidewalks free of snow or ice in winter.
  • Sweep Up: Vacuum and sweep the walkways and patios.
  • Inspect roof: make sure there are no missing shingles?
  • Decorate Outdoor: Plant/ Put flowers outside your front door.
  • Minor Repair: Fix the broken stairs and outside steps.
  • Trim Lawn: Clip your lawn and trim the edges
  • Repair broken fences

Basement, Attic, Garage

  • Clean the areas
  • Illuminate the place to offer visibility.
  • Keep the clutter out
  • Fix open electrical cables
  • Keep the areas organized

Living Areas

  • Light up the area
  • Fix the floor (wax wooden floor).
  • Apply a new coat of paint


  • Look for damaged faucets and replace
  • Fix the floor and remove stains
  • Replace any broken tiles
  • A sweep of the clutter
  • Apply new pain


  • Bring in new dressers
  • Install cabinets
  • Fix mirrors
  • Replace leaky shower heads and taps

Simple is this home staging checklist that you don’t have to even bother yourself with so much. Simply follow it through and you’ll have a cool home in no time.

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