Checklist For Home Inspection

Keeping your home in great shape is very important. It makes the home’s system to run efficiently and also saves your loved ones from potential hazards. This checklist will help you to effectively inspect your home so that you ensure it remains in great shape.

Outside Inspection

  • Septic system: Check the septic system for blockages.
  • Roof: Make sure there are no leakages or worn out roofing.
  • Windows: Check for broken window panes and damaged shutters.
  • Driveway: How accessible is the driveway? Do you have potholes?
  • Fencing: Make sure the fence has no weak point, is not rusted, or charred.
  • Gutters: Leaky gutters should be replaced to prevent damages to walls.
  • Patio/sidewalks: Well-maintained with open-air systems and no damage.

 Inside Inspection

  • Furnace/air conditioning: Make sure the AC works.
  • Water heater/softener: Fix heater and softener that doesn’t work.
  • Electrical system: Cover open cables and fix damaged sockets.
  • Plumbing system: Watch out for leaks on pipes, taps, and shower head.
  • Fireplace/chimney: Make sure it cleaned.
  • Attic: Remove clatter, insulate, and light it up.
  • Basement: Lockable doors and clean water spillage.
  • Floors: Wax and re-do wood and laminate flooring.
  • Kitchen/bathroom: Make sure all the water outlets operate smoothly.

Contact Professionals To Handle Inspections

  • Contact professionals
  • Don’t do everything alone
  • Call a professional on time to minimize damage

In case you have damages; calling a professional helps to save your systems before the damage worsens. Thanks to this checklist you can easily spot the fault before it’s too late.

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