Checklist For Grant Proposal Writing

If you are looking for additional money to boost or start your business operations, getting a grant would be really helpful. This checklist will help you to write a proposal for a grant in no time.

Find A Grant

  • Research Options: Helps to determine avenues that you can use to get your grant.
  • Contact Organization: Once you have identified the funding organization, contact them.
  • Check Guidelines: Understand what guidelines they have laid down if you want to qualify for a grant.
  • Set a monetary goal: Determine how much money you need.
  • Establish a timeline: Discuss and determine the period within which to get the grant.

Research The Project

  • Get the Idea: Determine what you are trying to fund
  • Do market research: Find how like-minded organizations work.
  • Have a Resume: Create or update your resume.
  • Draft a proposal: Put your idea down.

Write The Grant

  • Draft an outline: Give a brief background/ summary of your idea.
  • Avoid jargon: Keep the draft simple and easy to understand.
  • Check grammar and spelling: Make sure it is flawless.
  • Follow the rules: Remember the guidelines
  • Illustrate: Consider including diagrams
  • Proofread: Edit the grant
  • Store the proposal: Save it properly (computer file and flash disc).

Your proposal should be ready once these steps are done with. Make sure that you follow and research on every step independently.

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