Checklist for Drone Maintenance

Do own a drone? Do have the best guidelines for checking up, transporting, and maintaining the battery health of your drone? Use this checklist to keep your drone performing efficiently and to avoid unnecessary failures.

Visual Inspection

  • Inspect the outer shell and other components for damage.
  • Check the condition of propellers before and after every flight. Make sure there are no bent blades or cracks.
  • Inspect the gimbal for damage and camera lens for dust or dirt.


  • Read the intelligent flight battery safety guidelines.
  • Use a fully charged battery.
  • Don’t keep battery idle for a long time, its performance might be affected.
  • Prevent the battery from coming into direct contact with liquids.
  • Don’t remove or install the battery from the aircraft if aircraft is turned on.
  • Check the status of the battery in the DJI goes app after powering on the aircraft.
  • Follow the stated temperature for battery use.
  • Don’t charge the battery right after a flight – battery’s temperature may be too high.
  • Disconnect the battery from the charger once charging is complete.
  • Examine the charger regularly for damages to the cord, plug, enclosure or other parts.
  • Fully charge and discharge the battery once after every three months to maintain its health.
  • Pre-heat your battery to 20°c(68°f) when the temperature is lower than 10°c(50°f).
  • If you fly in high temperatures above 40°c (104°f), keep an eye on battery temperature.


  • Store the battery in a specified transportation box/bag to avoid external damage.
  • Remove batteries from the aircraft if storing for an extended period.
  • Discharge battery to 30% before transit.
  • Attach gimbal clamp when storing drone.
  • If you are transporting your drone a long way, re-calibrate your compass before flying.
  • Remove your propellers when transporting your drone


  • Store the aircraft in a dry, cool and non-magnetic place to avoid any damage.
  • If aircraft and battery will be stored (over 3 months) store around 25°c (77°f)/ avoid direct sunlight.
  • Discharge the battery to 40% to 65% prior to storage.

With this direct and easy to understand drone maintenance checklist, there isn’t any shred of doubt that your next experience with drones is going to be a memorable one. Simply master the tips and keep working with them always.

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