Checklist For Business Security

Keeping your business safe should be at the top of your priority list always. This is because even your small business will always have the same responsibilities as larger firms. Make sure you use these tricks to maintain the security of your business.

Physical Security

  • Doors: All door locks must be operational and doors should be locked when not in use.
  • Windows: All windows must have functional locks and should be kept locked when no one is in.
  • Keyless entry: must be properly configured to prevent hacking and robbery
  • Fire systems: Fire extinguishers and alarms should be operational and must be inspected and charged.
  • Fire and smoke detection systems: Should be tested routinely and if possible even tested at least once a month.
  • Exit Routes: All exit signs and routes should be marked and lit properly. They should also remain accessible at all times.
  • Lighting: There must be adequate lighting at all entrances and also throughout the facility grounds.


  • CCTV Cameras: Install cameras and keep surveillance at all times around the facility.
  • Data: Make sure that surveillance data is being recorded and stored properly. You should also archive the footage for at least a month or two.
  • The reception: All guests must sign in to the building through a reception desk.
  • Visibility: Make sure all guests and visitors coming through into the building are visible from the inside.

Computer Security

  • All firewall and computer security software are updated.
  • Active data archives must be kept online.
  • Offline archives must be kept off-site.
  • Important computer passwords must be changed at least once a month.
  • Keep track of the people who are given access to the passwords.

If you want a secure and reliable company you must remain committed to using the correct tools and technologies to keep your customers and their data safe and secure. Use this checklist to find your footing.

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