Checklist For Boating

Boating is one of the best outdoor activities that one would love to enjoy. But with your backpack in place and ready to hit the road, it’s important to determine that you have everything in place. Let our checklist be of help.

Before Departing

  • Fuel: Get enough fuel for the car and also for the boat.
  • Floaters: get your personal flotation jackets and devices packed.
  • Fire extinguishers: Pack a fully loaded fire extinguisher.
  • Tools: Get a personal tool kit.
  • Battery: Get a spare battery for your car, phone, camera, etc
  • Distress signals: Have a distress signal pistol packed and ready.
  • Forecast: Keep tabs with the latest weather forecast to see if it is safe to go boating.


  • Anchors: To stop add stabilize your boat.
  • Masts: To hold the sails in place
  • Sails: For easy navigation and flow by the wind.
  • Oars: For peddling and steering of the boat.
  • Grab rails: To help harness your body
  • Non-skid surfaces: For a non-slip touch.

What To Pack

  • Food
  • Water
  • Communication devices
  • First aid kit
  • Torches and lights
  • Sunscreen for sunburns
  • Identification documents e.g driver’s license and passports
  • Directional compass
  • Itinerary

Tips For Safety

  • Maintenance: Check your boat for damages.
  • Itinerary: Have your travel itinerary shared with loved ones
  • Emergency Response: practice emergency response drills
  • Awareness: Create a simple awareness on your trip

Hopefully, your checklist has been of help. Use it and share it with your loved ones if they love boating adventures too.

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