Checklist For Bathroom Organization

The bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in your home. Meaning that if you don’t keep it organized it could get filthy and become one of the biggest turn-offs in your home. Here is a simple checklist to help you keep your bathroom spotless.

Organizing Your Bathroom

  • Empty the drawers.
  • Separate the items you want to keep and toss anything you don’t.
  • Wipe off everything you take out of the drawers and off shelves.
  • Clean every surface, including the counters, cupboards, shelves.
  • Use organizational cosmetic containers to place cosmetics.
  • When emptying the cabinets, keep a lookout for repeat purchases.
  • Move your medicines to the kitchen.
  • Keep all jewelry out of the bathroom.
  • Place everyday items in convenient locations.
  • Store less used products in the lower drawers.
  • Have a designated spot for wet or dirty towels.
  • Set up a drip-dry container for bath toys.

 Space Saving Tips

  • Transform the dead space over a toilet by adding a stacked cabinet.
  • Consider a space-saving towel rack.
  • Install a wall-mounted shower dispenser and cut down on clutter.
  • Place hooks on the walls and back of doors for housecoats and towels.
  • Secure electric toothbrushes and hairdryers on the wall to free space.
  • Use a hand soap dispenser.
  • Install a basket in the shower/bath to hold the shampoos.

Now you’ve got it all. It’s time you kept your bathroom spotlessly clean and get a comfy and safe home for your loved ones. Keep the mold away with these simple tips and celebrate your bathroom every single day.

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