Checklist for Babysitter

If you always leave your baby with a nanny or a babysitter a checklist may be the last thing on your mind. If only you knew how easy this trick would make your work to be and also save you from running a whole day, it would be the first thing you start with every day.

Contact Information

  • Name: Put your name down (the name should be in full).
  • The phone number: Leave a phone number on how you can be reached in case of an emergency.
  • Location: Leave behind the name of the location/ place you will be at.
  • Physical address: In case of dinner make sure you leave the physical address of the place too.
  • Time: Always give your babysitter a heads up on when you will be back.
  • Other Contact: Alternative contact information is also important in case your phone is offline.

 Emergency Contact Information For 911 Emergency Assistance

  • The 911 address: To be dialed directly on phone.
  • Child’s name: provide the child’s name in full.
  • Child’s age: give the child’s to the baby sitter too.
  • Child’s allergies: highlight any allergies that the child could have.

 Instructions For Childcare

  • Dinner: Have the kids’ food planned in advance.
  • Snacks: In case of snacks in between determine type/ quantity
  • Tv shows: Use child lock or list the type of TV shows allowed
  • Bath time: A baby’s routine is important. Give the bath time.
  • Bedtime: Set time for bed and make sure your baby sitter knows.
  • Determine how you want the babysitter to handle discipline

Things You Should Do

  • Be prompt
  • Identify yourself
  • Consult a babysitting service

“Oh, I have a new babysitter and I forgot to leave her my cellphone number in case there’s an emergency!”  With this checklist, you don’t have to say that again. Use it any time and come back home to a comfortable and nicely tucked away from the baby.

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