Checklist For Baby Nursery

Do you have a baby coming? Get prepared to receive that lovely soul with this simple baby nursery checklist.


  • Type: choose a good idea for the baby beddings (a crib or bassinet should do).
  • Blankets: Choose depending on your type of local weather.
  • Sheets: Get at least 2 sets of sheets for your baby
  • Soothing Instrument: buy a musical mobile with soothing baby tunes.
  • Toys: Strap-able baby toys and mirrors inside of the crib.


  • Changing table: An open-front changing table (one with storage baskets).
  • Dresser: For a quick diaper change and preparation for the day.
  • Rockers: A glider or rocking chair (should be comfortable with washable nursing cushions).
  • Small bookcase and shelves: Keep the area super clean and organized.
  • Diaper Hampers: To get your diapers organized.
  • Clothes Hamper: To store your clothes safely.
  • Baby Swing: A motorized baby swing for additional soothing.

Decor Accents

  • Get a theme: Choose items that work with your theme.
  • Pictures frames: Family photo or wall decor to stimulate baby.
  • Stuffed animals: For additional comfort.
  • Nursery lighting: A safe lamp or decorative fixture.


  • Changing Pad: In case the baby wets.
  • Changing Mat: Step in for a changing table.
  • Baby powder: For sweaty joints
  • Diapers: For an all-around dryness
  • Teething rings: For quick teething
  • Pacifiers / Soothers: Calming the baby
  • Wipes: To wipe off dirt.
  • Diaper rash ointment: To keep diaper rashes away
  • Thermometer: To monitor baby temperature.
  • Cotton Swabs: To clean baby ears
  • Burp Cloths: After meal burping
  • Soft Baby Hats: Retain body heat.


  • Hooded Towel.
  • Assorted Baby Socks.
  • Footed Pajamas
  • Long Sleeved Sleepers
  • T-Shirts, Caps, Pants, and Shorts
  • 100% cotton clothing


  • A Baby Monitor.
  • Smoke/carbon monoxide detector.

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