Checklist for Anniversary Formal party

Hit the fun road this coming year. Get your best formal anniversary party underway. Use this checklist to have the best moments.

Planning the Party

  • Determine your budget: Saves impulse buying
  • Determine the number of people: Helps to budget and get a venue.
  • Determine the date: this sets the events rolling.
  • Decide size: Do you want to have a large or small ceremony?
  • Get the Venue: Shop around for a good deal from different party avenues.
  • Get a Planner: Let the experts lead the way and make things simple.

Formal Party

  • Get the Right Venue: Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations on venues
  • Initiate contact: Start contacting places that were recommended.
  • Have a Cuisine Plan: Get information on menu
  • Research: Find out the cost, experiences, and cost of decoration, etc.
  • Contact References: Ask for references to people that used the facilities.
  • Ask for Help: Let loved ones accompany you to the final top choices.
  • Book Prior: Book the place you have chosen in time.
  • Find Entertainment: get a DJ or singer and book their services in advance.
  • Photos: Decide if you need a professional photographer or not.
  • Accommodation: Arrange hotel for all the out of town guests.
  • Decide if you need a toastmaster.
  • Get Attire: Shop for a dress/tuxedo and accessories.
  • Have a Theme: Determine the style of your party

This checklist will make your next anniversary party rock. It is time you got the best thrill and this is your best shot!

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