Checklist for A Happy Christian

Happiness in the Christian faith and life helps in answering the common misconceptions. As a result, it is important to keep a check on how you keep your happiness levels high as a Christian. Here are some of the best rules to play by.

  • Don’t let little things disturb you.
  • Face each day knowing “Jesus does all things well”.
  • Give all your cares to Jesus. – He heals – He guards – He guides – He saves completely!
  • Stop worrying! Be good and then let the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit give the results in your life.
  • Remember – what you think is “impossible”, to God, is nothing more than a passing breeze.
  • Trust Jesus that everything will be okay. For it’s better to trust than to doubt and miss a blessing.
  • Don’t do God’s work for Him. He convicts, He convinces, He will be the Judge.
  • Look for the good in everyone, and don’t find fault.
  • Live so that all who meet you, meet Jesus.
  • Know that Jesus is with you and nothing else matters!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of more ways that can point you to happiness as a Christian. Pray for God’s grace and allow him to show you his glory.

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