Checklist For 10 Ways to Appear Confident

Whether you are feeling confident or not, nobody should know. Nonetheless being confident can lead you onto so many cool things. Here is a checklist that gives you the best tricks to get your confidence up.

  • STAND UP STRAIGHT – Always walk with an upright posture. A straight back, shoulders straight and laid back, and your head held high will display status, power, and control.
  • CHIN AND HEAD UP – Irrespective of where you are standing, always keep your head up and eyes looking straight up ahead.
  • DO NOT POCKET – Leaving visible hands indicates that you feel very confident in yourself and also in your current situation.
  • GESTURE WITH PALMS UPWARDS – This will make you appear more confident. It an impression of more specifically honesty and trustworthiness.
  • DON’T FIDGET – Fidgeting is typically the greatest sign of nervous person and of worry or anxiety. Take control and don’t fidget.
  • MAINTAINING EYE CONTACT – Good eye contact is the most important technique one needs to practice if they wish to appear calm, friendly, honest, and confident.
  • STAND IN AN OPEN STANCE – Standing with feet too close gives an impression that you are timid. Always focus on keeping an open stance (feet in line with shoulders).
  • SMILE – Smiling has the most powerful effect and a genuine smile communicates a friendly, honest, and trustworthy characteristics.
  • FIRM HANDSHAKE – A firm, solid handshake gives an immediate impression of confidence as opposed to a limp handshake which might communicate weakness.
  • TAKE BIG STEPS – Long and purposeful steps, rather than the short, quick and hurried steps makes you appear confident and in control.

Practice makes perfect! And that’s the best thing about aping a confident trait always. The more you practice the more your confidence levels will shoot and naturally come onto you.

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